Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Board of Trustees

The Township Board, comprised of five elected officials, Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and two Trustees is the governing body for Resort Township. The Board meets monthly to conduct township business, which may include reviewing current township issues or set policies, sometimes by passing Ordinances. The board also considers recommendations made by other advisory committees, such as the Parks and Recreation Board. The Board is responsible for the financial welfare of the township by making an annual budget and approving the monthly expenditures.

Board of Review

Acts as part of the checks and balances in the Michigan property tax code. They only meet by State mandate in March, July, and December. At the March meeting they address disputes between the resident and the assessor concerning assessment values. In July and December they amend errors and other mistakes as well as grant exemptions that may be found on tax invoices.

Resort – Bear Creek Fire Board

Zoning Board of Appeals

Hears appeals and requests for variances from the Resort Township Zoning Ordinance, and interprets any unclear provisions in the zoning ordinance. Following Public Notice and Public Hearing the Board decides whether to approve or deny appeals and requests.

Planning Commission

Prepares, reviews, and updates a master plan as a guide for development within Resort Township. Meets monthly to take action on petitions, proposals, and Township Board requests for amendments to the zoning ordinance. 

Parks and Recreation Committee

Monitors current park operations and explores future opportunities for parks and preserves and infrastructure improvements within the township. The committee then advises the Township Board of Trustees on potential action(s) to best benefit our community.

Environmental Committee

Continuing to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations within the township by providing educational seminars, recycling opportunities, and yard waste collection site.

Ready to Serve?

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