Resort Township Office of the Clerk

Lucy Eppler, Clerk

Rufus Welsheimer, Deputy


Office Hours
By appointment

Township Clerk Duties

The Clerk has many statutory duties which include having custody of records and papers for the Township, administers oaths and maintains those records. She is also in charge of conducting all elections, maintaining voter registration files and distributing absentee voter ballots. The Clerk also pays the Township’s bills and provides those to the Treasurer for payment. Other duties include payroll, writes and maintains board minutes, posts all regular meetings, and special meetings as needed. The Clerk also is the Freedom of Information Coordinator. The Clerk has other duties; this is only a partial list.

  1. Maintains custody of all township records
  2. Serve as Freedom of Information Coordinator
  3. Records and maintains township meeting minutes
  4. Keeps the township book of oaths
  5. Responsible for posting all regular meetings of all bds at beginning of calendar year
  6. Responsible for giving special meeting notice to township board
  7. Keeps township ordinance books
  8. Prepares checks given to treasurer for bill payment
  9. Accounts for all township funds
  10. Delivers tax certificates to supervisor prior to September 30
  11. Chairs township election commission
  12. Administers elections
  13. Publishes board meeting minutes
  14. Keeps voter registration file
  15. Prepares financial statements